Sickle: An OAI Client Library for Python

Sickle is lightweight OAI-PMH client library written in Python. It has been designed for conveniently retrieving data from OAI interfaces the Pythonic way:

>>> sickle = Sickle('')
>>> records = sickle.ListRecords(metadataPrefix='oai_dc')

Most importantly, Sickle lets you iterate through OAI records without having to deal with things like result batches or resumptionTokens yourself:


Sickle maps the OAI records to Python objects:

>>> record =
>>> record.header
>>> record.header.identifier

The metadata payload is stored as a dictionary:

>>> record.metadata
{'creator': ['Melloni, Marco'],
 'date': ['2000'],
 'description': [u'A web site for...

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