Harvesting other Metadata Formats than OAI-DC

By default, Sickle’s mapping of the record XML into Python dictionaries is tailored to work only with Dublin-Core-encoded metadata payloads. Other formats most probably won’t be mapped correctly, especially if they are more hierarchically structured than Dublin Core.

In case your want to harvest these more complex formats, you have to write your own record model class by subclassing the default implementation that unpacks the metadata XML:

from sickle.models import Record

class MyRecord(Record):
    # Your XML unpacking implementation goes here.


Take a look at the implementation of sickle.models.Record to get an idea of how to do this.

Next, associate your implementation with OAI verbs in the Sickle object. In this case, we want the Sickle object to use our implementation to represent items returned by ListRecords and GetRecord responses:

sickle = Sickle('http://...')
sickle.class_mapping['ListRecords'] = MyRecord
sickle.class_mapping['GetRecord'] = MyRecord

If you need to rewrite all item implementations, you can also provide a complete mapping to the Sickle object at instantiation:

my_mapping = {
    'ListRecords': MyRecord,
    'GetRecord': MyRecord,
    # ...

sickle = Sickle('http://...', class_mapping=my_mapping)